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Sustainability Program

Organic Garden

The 4 kilometer beach strip of Mae Nam provides a charming and romantic backdrop for a magic holiday at Fair House Villas & Spa. But to remain magical and pristine, the environment needs helping hands to make it come true as follows.

  • Minimizing use of plastic
  • Recycling garbage (on-site facilities)
  • Planting, growing and restoring
  • Non-smoking campaigns
  • On site education of environmental issues to local children and students
  • Organic Garden

Coral Reef Planatation

Directly in front of Fair House Villas & Spa’s beach, we have our Coral Preservation Project in cooperation with Walailak University (Thailand). We actively gather dying corals from the surrounding reefs and re-plant them in our plantation. We ensure top conditions for coral reefs growth and monitor the plantation actively with high-tech equipment...

Activities & Experiences